Exploring the Different Shades of the Yellow Aura!

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Learning to understand the different aura colors is essential to further developing your spirituality. Being able to know what each aura represents can allow you to make positive changes in both your own life and the lives of others. In this article, we’re going to focus on just one color: the yellow aura. So what does a yellow aura mean? As we’ll see throughout this article, the yellow meaning is largely dependent on the shade of yellow that is visible. We’ll begin our journey through the various yellow aura color meanings by explaining the basics of auras.

Back to Basics

When people first begin to learn about auras, they can be a little confused by what they actually are. We can learn to see these otherwise invisible fields and through seeing their color we can come to certain conclusions about the individual whose aura it is. Auras themselves are a form of spiritual force field. As we go about our day to day business, we pass through areas of negative energy and we interact with negative people.

The function of an aura is to limit the amount of negative energy we are exposed to in order to keep us spiritually healthy. The color of an aura is affected by a number of different factors such as health, spirituality, diet, vibrational energy level, and much more. Certain personality traits can cause a change in our aura color.

But what are the aura colors meaning?

In simple terms, the color of aura colors relates to its effectiveness at keeping out negative energy. Different colors relate to different aura strengths. Similarly, certain shades can indicate the need to make some changes in your life. This could relate to spirituality, honesty, communication and much more. So let’s delve into our exploration of the yellow personality through the yellow aura meaning.

Exploring the Yellow aura

With most aura colors, there are a number of different shades that are present. For examples, if we were looking at a blue aura, there could be upwards of 5 different shades, each with a unique meaning. However, as we explore the yellow aura color meaning, we find that the distinction is a lot simpler.

Rather than having a range of different and unique shades, the yellow shades can be divided into two simple categories: light shades and dark shades. In many ways, this makes understanding the yellow aura a little easier, but as we’ll soon see, things aren’t always as simple as they may seem.

You’re probably familiar with the popular idea that light equals good and dark equal bad or evil. We see it all the time throughout entertainment media, all the way from Star Wars to Alice in Wonderland.

However, you’re probably also familiar with yin and yang: the idea that everything that is light has a little dark, while everything that is dark has a little light. This is a much more accurate depiction of what we find with the yellow auras. It’s also important to realize that darkness doesn’t represent evil but rather turmoil and chaos which are often internal in nature.

Light Shades

We’ll explore the light shades of the yellow first. This can include pale shades of yellow to bright and bold shades of yellow. These shades are indicative of an energetic and creative nature. These individuals are smart, intelligent but are far from boring.

You don’t find them spending all day in a library or canceling plans to go and study, they know that life is about happiness and enjoyment which is exactly the approach they take to most, if not all of their decisions. There is a time to work and a time to play. However, this fun and playful nature isn’t without its flaws.

As we discussed moments ago, all light holds a little dark and this is very apparent with the light yellow aura personality. Due to their naturally high levels of energy and intelligence, these individuals will quite often come across as arrogant. They can put in less work than others and still come out on top.

They also don’t mind bailing on set plans in favor of something that sounds more exciting to them. They don’t view this as a negative trait since as far as they are concerned; they are just trying to live their life to the fullest. There are some deeper aspects of this yellow shade that we should explore: creativity and friendship.


It isn’t unreasonable to say that the light yellow aura is indicative of immense creative potential. Combined with their level of intelligence and understanding, someone with this type of aura is capable of becoming a great inventor. They can see the world from an angle slightly different to the rest of us.

This also shines through in their less academic pursuits such as painting, writing, or other creative outlets. Individuals such as Picasso and Leonardo daVinci most likely displayed this shade of yellow aura and as you can see from history, it served them incredibly well as they’ve definitely left their mark on the world.

Once again, we find that there is that small patch of darkness within the light. Their fun personalities and creative pursuits can lead certain individuals with this shade of aura to find others boring. As such, they won’t hesitate to search out more exciting friends with whom they share deeper connections and have more in common with. This tie in closely with the next major trait of the yellow aura personality: friendship.


Friendship is a major component of both the yellow aura shades. This is perhaps the most balanced aspect of both the shades and you could say that the dark traits are balanced perfectly with the light traits.

People displaying a yellow aura can be great friends and amazing romantic partners. They create deep bonds and can encourage more exciting adventures and journeys to be taken. When they find someone with whom they are truly compatible, that bond isn’t for a day, a week, a month, or even a year: it’s for life. However, there is a catch when it comes to developing such relationships.

If your friend possesses a yellow aura or perhaps you do, then there is an important aspect of this bond that you must realize: these individuals with this color of aura to not work with imperfection. If your personalities and spirituality match perfectly then everything will work out in the best possible way.

However, if they don’t then you’re in for a bumpy ride. Expect plans to fall apart, arguments to follow, and feeling to be hurt. This isn’t necessarily intentional but the yellow personality struggles to interact with any non-compatible personalities. Simply discuss through various aspects of your lives and see how connected you really are.

Dark Shades

The darker shades of the yellow allow us to see the opposite side of the coin. These individuals will typically have more negative emotions, usually that stem from a troubled past or present. These people will feel isolated, largely as a result of their higher spiritual states or higher levels of intelligence.

They are incredibly arrogant but only because it seems to be the only way they can get attention and have their intelligence noticed. Where the lighter shades are associated with fun, these shades prefer to sulk. They are happy spending all day in the library because it makes them even smarter than their peers.

Similarly, these individuals will not come across as energetic or full of excitement. They don’t care what the world has to offer because they have their own sources of entertainment. Computer programmers will often display this shade of yellow due to their isolation and high levels of intelligence.

However, we once again find that patch of light within the darkness. If someone with a darker shade of yellow can be directed back towards their spiritual path, they will find a new sense of purpose and pretty soon the shade, or even the whole color, of their aura, will change.


There is a dark side to this shade of aura. Even though they often seem to seek out isolation, they actually crave friendship and companionship. As with the other shades of yellow, they require similar minded people in order to develop deep connections but given their lower levels of socialization, this is all the more difficult to come by.

If you know somebody with this shade of yellow and they seem lost and alone, simply reach out to them. That gesture may be enough to begin to lighten their aura shade to a brighter yellow.

It’s important that you don’t put pressure on these individuals though, especially those with the much darker shades. Past trauma can make them feel scared by other people, similarly to a dog that’s been taken to a shelter after being left alone. It takes time to build up trust and restore one’s faith in people.

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