What is the Spiritual Praying Mantis Meaning?

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What is the Spiritual Praying Mantis Meaning?

For as long as humanity has existed, animals have been used to represent divine intervention and wisdom. Cultures all around the world, from Ancient Egypt to Native Americans have viewed animals as messengers of the Gods, carrying meaning and guidance wherever they go.

Every animal, no matter how big or small, holds traits or attributes that can be viewed as lessons in life. We often think about eagles, deer, and dogs, but very few people consider the meaning of the tiny praying mantis. We’re going to consider the meaning of this little creature. Along the way, we’ll consider its traits, its spiritual meaning, and whether this changes if you see the praying mantis in a dream.

Praying Mantis Traits

When you think of a praying mantis, what traits come to mind? The praying mantis is known for its stillness, patience, and balance. It waits patiently, silently, aware of its surroundings and always mindful of its environment.

This is a creature that carries the traits of a monk, to the point that the praying mantis often looks as if its meditating while waiting for its prey. If you ever see a picture of a praying mantis as it waits, you’ll get the impression that it’s a wiser and smarter creature than we give it credit for.

The praying mantis is naturally calm and collected. Even when it attacks its prey, it does so with a swift, controlled, and disciplined motion. There’s nothing random, erratic or emotional about this insect.

The praying mantis often blends into its surroundings, but it’s always alert and is always waiting. As we explore the praying mantis meaning, we can use these traits as a guide for better understanding why the praying mantis may have been sent to you.

Praying Mantis Symbolism

So, what is the symbolism associated with the praying mantis? Well, we often see this creature when we’ve allowed our lives to become a chaotic mess. Losing sight of your path in life is a common problem, mainly because we often remain unaware that we’ve become lost.

It often takes a sign from our angels or a discussion with a friend to make us realize that we’ve wandered away. In such a moment, the praying mantis reminds us to remain calm and patient. Allowing emotions to reach a heightened state in a fit of panic never benefits any situation, so take a deep breath and give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts.

The praying mantis also suggests that we should be more mindful of our environment. This can refer to taking care of Mother Earth, the planet that we live on, but other people are also considered part of our environment.

If your life seems to be going well and luck is on your side, then consider helping those who are less fortunate. Don’t judge a person on who they are now, judge them on the person they could become.

Finally, we can see through the praying mantis meaning that you’ll find meditation to be an incredibly beneficial practice. Simply meditating for as little as 5 or 10 minutes a couple of times a week can offer wonderful benefits.

You’ll feel more relaxed, you’ll see the world more clearly, and you’ll create a stronger connection between your conscious mind and your spiritual/subconscious self. Through this, you’ll forge a stronger bond with your intuition and will be able to trust it more.

Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual praying mantis meaning takes on a different form when we think about those people who have this focused creature as their spiritual totem. As a spirit animal, the praying mantis indicates a silent power. Such people are intelligent, humble, and while they may not seem particularly chatty, they are always considering options within their mind.

They analyze every situation, and while this can create its own problems, it also allows them to be extremely considerate of how their actions will impact the lives of others. That’s not to say they can’t make quick decisions though; it just tends to be their default.

With the praying mantis spirit animal guiding them, these people often become teachers or mentors. They enjoy helping other people understand problems, and so helping to develop new and curious minds is ideal for them. The individuals will also frequently find themselves taking on the role of a spiritual teacher.

People will see how calm they can remain in stressful situations or when life isn’t going their way. Staying calm is an essential part of solving any problem, so it’s no surprise that people are eager to learn how to do it. The praying mantis spiritual meaning also indicates a desire to learn and seek out knowledge. It hints at a personality involving note taking and book reading.

Praying Mantis Dreams

You may be wondering if the praying mantis meaning changes if you see the animal in a dream rather than real life. As it happens, the animal takes on a more primal and intuitive meaning within dreams. For example, the praying mantis meaning in dreams is often associated with your intuition and gut instinct.

There’s a situation or challenge that you’re currently facing and you’re unsure how to handle it. The appearance of this insect suggests that you need to listen to what your spiritual self is telling you: listen to your thoughts, feel your emotions, and react in the way that feels more right to you. This isn’t a time to over-analyze the situation. Instead, follow your intuition.

If the praying mantis in your dream is a solid color of black, white, or green, then the above meaning will make the most sense to you. But the praying mantis meaning changes if the creature is colorful. In this case, it’s a reminder to always be yourself. Don’t try to make yourself out to be anything else. Being real, genuine, and honest is the best way to live life.

We sometimes see a colorful praying mantis when fitting in has become the focus of our lives. Fitting in is great, but only when it happens naturally. Wearing a mask to blend in will only lead to feelings of guilt, anxiety, and deception. Be your true self, allow your light to shine, and you’ll become a beacon for like-minded people.

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