Who is My Guardian Angel? Find the Name of your Guardian Angel!

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How to identify your Guardian Angel and we’ll provide you with the most common Guardian Angel’s names.
How to identify your Guardian Angel and we’ll provide you with the most common Guardian Angel’s names.

Who is my guardian angel? You may ask yourself in your daily life and you may be fully aware of the fact that you have a Guardian Angel; many of us have noticed their presence, signs, and symbols (particularly during troubling or difficult times).

However, you may still find yourself wondering “who is my Guardian Angel?” In this article, we are going to explore two different ways that you can discover how to identify your Guardian Angel and we’ll provide you with the most common Guardian Angel’s names.

How do I know my Guardian Angel — The Basics?

Before we jump straight into exploring those, let us take a look at some basic information surrounding Guardian Angels. What is my Guardian Angel’s name? You may find that this question is repeating itself over and over again in your mind. But what is a Guardian Angel?

We all have angels watching over us, but a Guardian Angel plays a slightly more personal role: they are with us from birth until death and likely beyond. Feeling drawn towards your Guardian Angel always symbolizes the beginnings of spiritual change!

If you are feeling an inner calling to search for your Guardian Angel, to learn their name, and to communicate with them in new and exciting ways, then you might be taking your first steps along your spiritual journey.

What is a Guardian Angel and What do they do?

The notion of Guardian Angels primarily exists within the Judeo-Christian faiths, and perhaps most predominantly within Christianity. But that’s not to say that we don’t find similar beings within other cultures or histories.

They simply go by a different name or are understood to help humanity in a slightly different way. All religions and cultures include beings who bring humanity messages from the Gods or the spirit world.

A Guardian Angel is assigned to you before birth and will stay with you until death. Many believe that your Guardian Angel will follow you from one life to the next, so it’s perhaps more accurate to state that your angel will be with you along the entirety of your spiritual journey.

But don’t view your Guardian Angel as a type of spiritual bodyguard. They aren’t here to make life easy or protect you from discomfort. Instead, they are here to help guide you towards your full spiritual potential by helping you communicate with your spiritual self.

Your Guardian Angel is Always Near You

We already know that Guardian Angels exist, and in fact, have always existed. If you think about your own life, you’ll undoubtedly be able to recall a time when you were guided by some sort of higher power to make one decision over another. But the nature of Guardian Angels is frequently questioned.

Remember that they aren’t the spirit of a dead person. Guardian Angels were never human beings. They are also quite separate from Archangels or other angel groups, although there is some debate as to whether Archangels are also Guardian Angels, we’ll discuss that more in a moment. Some view Guardian Angels as actually being outside of the Angelic Hierarchy altogether.

Finally, remember that everybody has at least one Guardian Angel. If you’re struggling to reach out to yours, don’t worry. You can learn to watch for signs of their presence.

What does my guardian angel mean?

There is some debate as to who is your Guardian Angel. Some people view the Archangels we are connected with at birth as our Guardian Angels while others view us as having an angel whose sole purpose is watching over us throughout our lives. We are going to explore both options.

Has your Guardian Angel Visited You?

As you begin to learn more about your Guardian Angel, you may wish to keep out for signs that they have visited you. Guardian Angel’s will often let their presence be known in response to a person actively searching for them. There are many different signs you can watch out for, but some are more likely than others.

  • Be mindful of your dreams as your Guardian Angel may appear in some form, possibly even through symbolism or numerology.
  • If you begin to feel like you’re not alone, consider the possibility that your Guardian Angel is nearby.
  • If a baby or animal seems to see something that you can’t, then this could be a sign of an angel’s presence. Babies and animals exist on a different frequency to adults, and so they often pick up on subtle cues.

How to know your guardian angel is with you?

If it is true that God tasks an angel to watch over us from birth, then you are likely to be curious as to whom this angel is. As there is an unknown number of angels, there is also an unknown number of names.

There is a fairly straightforward technique you can use though which should hopefully answer the question: who is my Guardian Angel? Let us explore that now and pay attention to the different signs and symbols that are all around you.

Who is my Guardian Angel and How do I pray to my Guardian Angel?

Let’s explore that now the steps that will help you to identify him:

The first thing you want to do is go out into nature. Imagine yourself in the woods. You want to be somewhere peaceful, quiet, and undisturbed. If there are some empty fields or some woods then either of these would be perfect.

You may find some help to gather and be in syntony with the tree energy healing process. Remember, the further away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can get the better. Hearing cars or sirens will disrupt your goal here.

Once you find your spot, you want to remove any restrictions to your body such as watches, bags, tight jackets, hats, etc. If you’re wearing socks and shoes then removing these can allow a natural flow of energy.

You can either stand or sit for this step. Simply do whichever feels most comfortable. It begins with a feeling of relief and peace, take a few deep breaths as if you were beginning to meditate and allow all your thoughts and troubles to simply leave your mind, body, and spirit.

The clearer your mind can become here, the more likely that your angel will communicate with you. As you take a few more deep breaths, allow your consciousness to expand, and begin to reach out beyond the physical world.

The final step is to reach out to your Guardian Angel. You can repeat “who is my Guardian Angel?” over and over in your head or alternatively if you’ve reached out to your Guardian Angel before then you can ask them directly.

You can speak out loud or simply use your inner voice. Continue to take deep breaths and allow your mind to remain empty. A name will come to you: it may be immediately or you may have to be patient.

Don’t force a name to appear and don’t create one in your mind, simply allow it to appear and like this, you will be able to answer to who is my guardian angel.

A Prayer for your Guardian Angel

Let’s look at a general prayer you can use for reaching out to your Guardian Angel. It’s important to show gratitude to your angels, even if you feel like you’ve not been in contact with them.

Use this prayer as often as you like, or create your own:

To my Guardian Angel, I reach out to you now so that I may thank you from the depths of my heart and soul. Your presence in this world is a comfort, and I only hope that I can follow your guidance as I walk along my spiritual journey. I appreciate your support and I know that I’m never alone in times of struggle. Bless you!

What can you Learn about your Guardian Angel?

Learning your Guardian Angel’s name is just one thing you can discover about them. The more open you are to receiving guidance from your angel, the more you will learn about them.

Here are just some examples of information you may discover:

  • Communication — Communicating with your Guardian Angel will feel different from other types of spiritual communication. You may be in contact with other angels, spirit guides, or deceased relatives, but all are unique in their own way. With your angel, you’ll soon discover that some methods of communication are clearer than others. You may also find that certain times of the day allow for stronger messages.
  • Guidance and Support — Your Guardian Angel will guide you in a variety of ways. It’s important to discover the types of things they can/will help with, and those they won’t.
  • Energy Fluctuations — Angels are spiritual beings, meaning they hold powerful connections to various energy types. When your energy levels are in a state of flux, you can reach out to your angel and discover the ways they can help manage such fluctuations.

How Can I Find My Guardian Angel?

Finding your Guardian Angel is a journey in itself. The truth is that you’ve likely seen signs from your Guardian Angel without realizing it, just as they’ve likely provided you with advice and support in times of need.

We’ve already discussed one approach, but here’s another, more specific method. Finding your Guardian Angel is about faith and trust. You must have faith that they are present, even if you can’t physically see them.

And you must have trust in your own intuition, as it’s your connection to your subconscious mind and your spirituality that allows you to interact with spiritual beings. You can begin this journey by learning the name of your Guardian Angel!

Learn the Name of your Guardian Angel in 7 Steps

The steps for discovering the name of your Guardian Angel are meditative in nature. You need to allow your mind and spirit to temporarily leave the material world so that you can reach out to the spiritual realm.

By following these 7 simple steps, you’ll be able to learn more about your Angelic Guardian!

Step #1 — Begin your Journey Outward by Looking Inward

Close the curtains, light a candle, and make sure that you won’t be disturbed. Putting your phone on silent is always a good decision. You may choose to sit cross-legged on the floor, or perhaps lie down on a bed or sofa.

The important thing is that you are relaxed and comfortable.

Step #2 — Breathe in Clean Energy

As you relax, begin to focus on your breathing. Start by visualizing yourself breathing in white energy. To some people, this will look like white smoke, to others it will be more fluid. Tell yourself that with each breath in, you’re inhaling clean, positive energy.

Take slow, deep breaths, and count each time breathe in or out. After 20 or 30, you should feel relaxed.

Step #3 — Focus on Your Intention

All spiritual journeys require a compass. Your compass is almost always your intention: what do you wish to learn from this particular journey?

Since you wish to communicate with your Guardian Angel and learn their name, keep these thoughts in your mind until they form a solid thought.

Step #4 — Open your Heart

Visualize your heart as glowing with green energy. The more you focus on it, the more it glows. In your mind’s eye, see yourself being enveloped by this growing green energy.

This signals to your Guardian Angel that you’re opening your heart to them and are ready for communication to take place.

Step #5 — From the Heart to the Mind

Visualize this green energy flowing up from your heart to your mind. See the glow shrinking into a more focused beam of energy.

As your mind begins to absorb this energy, allow it to flow out the top of your head as a pillar of light; a beam that reaches up to the heavens.

Step #6 — Connect to Higher Realms

This beam of light that connects your heart and mind is also your connection to a higher spiritual realm. This energy is a part of you, so really focus on how it feels to connect with your deeper spirituality.

Allow your awareness to actually travel up this beam of light as if it were an elevator for your consciousness. When you feel like you’ve left the material world behind, you know you’re ready for a deep spiritual connection to form.

Step #7 — Reach out to your Guardian Angel

At this point, you may find that your Guardian Angel reaches out to you. If not, simply ask them if they have a message for you. It’s polite to allow your angel to reveal the name of their own accord.

Asking their name can be seen as rude or pushy as they will sense from your intention that this is something you wish to know. Simply ask:

Guardian Angel, do you have a message or sign for me?

Although it’s possible to hear a name being said, it’s also possible that the name will be revealed through thought, feeling, or sensation. You may even see an image in your head that represents the name of your angel.

Your understanding of your angel’s name will grow and develop over time, so be patient and simply use whatever you receive as a connection point between you and your angel.

Top Tips for Learning More

Some people struggle to reach step #7. This is usually because they are being held back by another aspect of their life. Here are some simple tips for ensuring that you’re ready.

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